Safer Driving

At Mon Motors we want you to stay safe and secure while on the road and we are here to give you advice on keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe. We have put together a safer driving guide to give you peace of mind and help you be prepared for different driving situations.

As the driver of the vehicle you are responsible for the safety of yourself and any passengers in your vehicle. You should perform a vehicle maintenance check on your vehicle regularly and especially before long journeys, helping keep your vehicle roadworthy and preventing breakdowns. These simple checks can help make sure your vehicle is roadworthy:

  • Make sure your oil is not below the minimum level – the oil in your vehicle helps keep the engine running smoothly
  • Check to make sure your tyres are legal and roadworthy – tyre pressure, tread depth all help with traction and your safety of your vehicle on the road
  • Check all your lights – maximum visibility at night or in bad weather is essential for you and for other road users to see you
  • Make sure your windscreen washer fluid is not below the minimum level to keep your windscreen clear from dirt and give you clear vision of the road and other road users
  • Check to make sure you have enough fuel for your destination – it is a good idea to fill up before long journeys

It is important that you and your vehicle are fit to drive and fit for the road to help keep you and your passengers safe and also for the safety of other road users. You should not drive if:

  • You are tired or drowsy
  • You feel unwell or unfit to drive
  • You have been drinking alcohol – drink driving is a criminal offence and you could risk a large fine and a minimum of a 12-month driving ban
  • You are taking drugs or medicines that could affect your ability to drive
  • Authorities advise that it is not safe to drive

The law requires the driver and passengers in any vehicle to always wear a seatbelt or to fit and use the correct child restraint. The driver is responsible for making sure everyone under the age of 14 travelling in their vehicle is using a seatbelt or suitable child restraint, including themselves. Drivers can expect a fine and penalty points for not wearing a seatbelt or if their passengers under the age of 14 are not wearing a seatbelt or using the correct restraint. Anyone above the age of 14 takes responsibility for wearing their own seatbelt and could incur a fine if found not wearing one.

Travelling with children is made easier when you are prepared. There are many features including child safety door locks and ISOFIX attachments that help protect children while they are in your car. If you have a rear-facing child seat in the front passenger seat be sure to deactivate the passenger airbag for the safety of the child in the case of an accident. For advice on choosing a child friendly car that suits your needs speak to one of experienced sales team at your closest Mon Motors centre.

There are many features that come with new and modern cars that make driving safer and more convenient than before. Some of these features may be worth considering when you are looking for your next car:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – it is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving, Bluetooth is a great way of staying connected while on the move
  • Parking sensors – make reversing into those difficult spaces easier
  • Multi-function steering wheels – with various functions at your fingertips you don’t need to take your hands off the steering wheel, keeping you more focused on the road ahead
  • Tyre pressure monitor – convenient way of monitoring your tyre pressure for safety and efficiency for your vehicle

To speak to someone about safety features and optional extras that are available give call us or visit your closest Mon Motors Centre to see a demo of how these features work.

Staying safe on the roads during all weather conditions requires awareness of the situation and those around you. Regular vehicle checks make sure that your vehicle is safe and makes sure that you are prepared for different types of weather whilst driving. If your visibility is reduced due to glare from the sun or bad weather you should always give more distance between you and the car in front and drive at an appropriate speed.

It is essential to check your windscreen wipers regularly to maximise your visibility during bad weather. Fog lights are generally used in bad weather when visibility is reduced to less than 100 metres to make you more noticeable to other road users, always use common sense and turn your fog lights off when your visibility increases so you don’t dazzle other motorists.

It is important to pay more attention when driving in weather conditions that affect you ability to see clearly and that could put you in dangerous situations. Keep our useful tips in mind and stay safer on the roads in all weather conditions.

The speed limit is the absolute maximum speed you should do on any road and they are put in place to help avoid accidents and keep you and other road users safe. Driving recklessly and ignoring the speed limit can cause serious injury or death if an accident occurred. Certain features such as inbuilt speed limiters and cruise control help to minimise speeding and make the road a safer place. At Mon Motors we advise you to always take into consideration the weather and road conditions resulting in a safer journey.

We want you to stay safe while on the roads and we hope our guide has provided you with expert advice and safety tips for different driving situations. For more specialist information or if you would like to schedule your vehicle in for its next service or health check contact us or visit us at one of your closest Mon Motors centres and we will be happy to help.