Customer Care, Why we listen

Customers are at the heart of our business. Everyone within the Mon Motors Group is focussed on delivering an exceptional customer experience. That focus has helped Mon Motors Group grow and develop in to the successful automotive dealer group we are today. Our continued success depends entirely on our happy and loyal customers who continue to trust us, so we are always here to listen.

Whether you are a Sales or Aftersales customer, we have a robust feedback process in place which allows us to listen to customers and gauge how satisfied they are with their experience. If customer feedback is ever less than excellent, we will do our best to address any issues and ensure they do not damage the overall experience of working with us.

We also have a range of social network sites that provide customers with another outlet to share their experiences with us. When we do receive less than positive feedback, it is escalated to relevant management who then aim to provide a swift resolution. We also share positive feedback with all relevant staff as it makes us smile and feel good about the work we do, day-in-day-out for our customers.

If you have any feedback, which you would like to share with us, please fill in the form below.