Choosing the Right Car

Once you have checked that you are eligible to join the Motability scheme, the next step is to determine exactly what you need your car to do for you. Think about you do or would like to use a car for from day-to-day. Each of the simple points below should help you come to the right decision and help you find your ideal Motability car from Mon Motors Group.

Make sure your Motability car fits your lifestyle

Think about the type of journeys you currently make, or would love to make, if you had a reliable car to get you there. Will you be making lots of shorter journeys in built up areas or long journeys on a variety of road types and surfaces? Would you like to regularly visit friends and family, attend hospital appointments or transport children to and from school?

These are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer before we can help you identify the right car for you on the Motability scheme. You will also need to consider:

  • How your mpg could be effected by the types of journeys you make, it may be worth choosing a car with a smaller engine for better fuel consumption
  • The amount of passengers you travel with regularly
  • Whether you require parking assistance, parking sensors or adaptations are available to help assist you
  • Whether an automatic car would be an easier and more convenient option
  • The space you may need for your equipment or Motability aids
  • Whether you would benefit from cruise control on long journeys

Make sure the car is suitable for your needs

If you have not driven that much before, or have not had the ability to chose a brand new car, you may not be aware of the equipment that is available in modern cars to enhance your driving experience. The driving position in your car, the way the seat is able to move for your comfort, the angle of door opening, etc. These are considerations you can now afford to make as a Motability scheme user. Don’t forget about adaptions too. There are a myriad of these available to help and support your driving. For more information, visit the adaptions section of this website.

Consider the cost of running your Motability car

Although many of the associated costs of motoring like insurance, road tax and maintenance are included within your Motability scheme car, there will be costs that you incur. Depending on the specification of the car you would like to drive through the Motability scheme, there may be an advance payment you need to pay up-front. This will vary from model to model, but our Motability specialists will guide you through that process. The other cost you will need to manage is fuelling your vehicle. You will need to look at the fuel efficiency of the cars you would like to drive as this can vary dramatically, depending on engine size, fuel type and transmission.

Hopefully, this guide will put you on the right track and help you choose the right car. If you have any more questions about choosing the right car then please contact your preferred dealership and ask to speak with one of our Motability specialists directly.