The Mon Motors Group offers you a combined Guaranteed Asset Protection so that if you vehicle gets written off, you don’t lose out. Whether you have paid outright, or made a finance agreement, you can cover yourself fully with Combine Guaranteed Asset Protection.

How it works

The Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection Incorporates Return to Invoice Cover (RTI) and Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection (Finance GAP). RTI is designed to pay-out any difference between the settlement made by your motor insurance company and the price you originally paid for the vehicle. If you vehicle is written off, Finance GAP pays the difference between the settlement made by your motor insurance company and the amount you still owe on your finance agreement.

Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection covers you however you have paid for the vehicle and will pay-out the greater of the Finance GAP or RTI amount, up to the purchase price of the vehicle.

How RTI Cover Works

You pay £18,500 for your vehicle. Your vehicle is written off. Your insurance company pay-out is £12,000. An RTI pay-out of £6,500 tops it up to the price originally paid.

How Finance GAP Works

You pay £18,500 for your vehicle. Your vehicle is written off. Your insurance company pays out £12,000 but you still owe £19,200 on your finance agreement. A Finance GAP pay-out of £7,200 makes up the difference.

SMART Protect Insurance

The Mon Motors Group offers you a SMART Protect Insurance Policy which is designed to help you keep your car in perfect condition, without compromising your no claims bonus. Your vehicle’s bodywork will remain in great condition, and if you choose to see your vehicle its resale value will be maintained.

Everyday wear and tear such as chips, dents, scuffs or scratched on the bodywork on your shiny new car is hard to avoid, no matter how careful you are. With SMART Protect Insurance from Mon Motors Group you are covered.

How SMART Protect Insurance works

You will need to contact our Customer Service team to validate your claim and arrange for one of our expert repair technicians to view the damage at a time that suits you.

The best way to submit your claim is via our SMART app but if you prefer you can submit your claim online or over the telephone. Should any claim not qualify as a SMART repair, up to a £250 contribution will be paid towards a body-shop repair (upon receipt of a valid invoice).

Damage Assessment

SMART Protect Insurance covers scuffs and dents up to 15cm in diameter and light scratched up to 15cm long. Chips of up to 1.5mm are also covered*.

Trusted Experts

With the repairer’s state-of-the-art bodywork repair technology, chips, dents, scuffs or light scratches can be erased on the spot*.

All work is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, and our streamlined claims-handling procedure is the best in the business.

Real peace of mind

SMART Protect Insurance from Mon Motors Group is deisgned to help you keep your car in tip-top condition. Your salesperson can tell you all you need toknow about the product and the company that provides it. So please don’t hesitate to ask.


If, for any reason, you wish t cancel and you do so within 30 days, and no claim has been registered, you will receive a full refund. After that, you may still cancel at any point (subject to an administration fee). You will receive a pro-rate refund reflecting the length of the term remaining.

Why choose SMART Protect Insurance?

  • 1. Helps to keep cars looking new
    Chips, dents, scuffs and light scratches are covered with SMART Protect Insurance
  • 2. No claims protection
    Making a claim does not affect no claims bonuses
  • 3. The easy way to claim
    Once you have a live policy, if you need to make a claim you can via our SMART app, online or over the phone. †
  • 4. Nationwide coverage
    We come to you, at home or at work, at your convenience
  • 5. The best SMART repair
    Our SMART repair service sets the industry standard. There is none better.

To find out more about GAP or SMART Protection please speak to your salesperson

Please note: Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection is an OPTIONAL facility available from the dealership. Our sales consultants will be happy to answer your questions or clarify the policy benefits and exclusions. You should be aware that similar products may be available elsewhere to purchase directly. However, as with any insurance policy, you should confirm that the cover levels of alternative facilities are suitable for your needs.

AutoProtect (MBI) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No. 312143

*Exclusions: This policy does not cover panel replacement, stickers and decals, beading and mouldings, cracked or dented bumpers or their replacement. Repairs will only be undertaken if an invisible result can be achieved using SMART technology. Third party liability is excluded. † This facility is only available to customers that hold live SMART policies.

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