Audi A7 LED Technology

The new Audi A7 has arrived and is available at our Cardiff, Bristol and Bath Audi dealerships.

The new Audi A7 is full of light bulb moments, however, none are quite as impressive as the 292 LED animated light bar. The A7 uses a full width rear LED tail light complete with Audi’s scrolling indicator signature. The daytime running lights consist of vertical blocks of light to make up the shape.

The new Audi A7 is available in Sportback and the A7 S line model. The S line model includes Audi’s matrix beam LED as standard.

The LED headlight technology provides a longer visual range without causing glare to other road users. LED have a faster reaction time than the conventional xenon light and consume up to 50% less energy and take up less space. These lights are maintenance free and are designed to last the life of the vehicle. As a feature to the new A7, LED lights maintain Audi's distinctive look and strong accents with their innovative daytime and night-time designs.

Audi’s Matrix Beam LED
Matrix LED headlights illuminate the road using it's intelligent function. This Matrix LED is available on the new A7 S line model. The interactive technology can detect other vehicles, the controller switches off individual LED’s or dims them in 64 stages, initiating a possible several million possible light patterns. Audi’s MMI navigation plus, can identify curves in the road, which shift the focal point of the light along the curve. This action occurs shortly before the wheel turns. On coming traffic is detected, diming individual LED bulbs to not cause glare or disturbance to other drivers. 

The future?

New Matrix OLED lighting & “the swarm” tail lights

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