Audi Warranty

We offer a choice of warranties for both new and used cars, giving you the unparalleled care and expertise of Audi in the unlikely event of a problem.

New car warranty
Every Audi that leaves our factory comes with a standard two-year unlimited-mileage warranty. In the UK, this is enhanced to a three-year warranty (with a 60,000-mile limit in the third year). It’s also possible to upgrade to a four or five-year warranty, covering a whole range of mechanical and electrical components for even longer. Whichever warranty you choose, it can be transferred with your car if you decide to sell before the warranty expires. To ensure your warranty is valid, you simply need to service your Audi according to our recommendations and keep to any mileage limitation set. Standard three-year warranty [Up to 60,000 miles.] Four-year warranty [From £235 (A1) - £1,035 (R8). Up to 75,000 miles] Five-year warranty [From £500 (A1) - £2,555 (R8)Up to 90,000 miles.]

Extended warranty
Your warranty doesn’t need to end when the warranty period does. With an Audi extended warranty, you can extend your peace of mind from as little as £239* per year. It’s a simple, hassle-free way to continue benefitting from the expert care that only an Audi Centre can deliver. It’s completely flexible. You can choose Named Component or comprehensive All Component cover, depending on your needs, as well as choosing your excess. As long as you’ve driven less than 100,000 miles, there’s an extended warranty for you. *Based on a customer driving an Audi with an engine of 1.6l or below, choosing Named Component cover with an excess of £250 to cover them for driving less than 10,000 miles upon expiry of their manufacturer warranty.

Audi UK App
Download the official Audi UK app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to provide you with exclusive functions, features and services to enhance your experience of owning and driving an Audi.
Within the Audi UK app you will have the ability to view your warranty information and get notified when your warranty is about to expire.

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