The New Audi A6

The New Audi A6 has arrived.

The eighth generation of the Audi A6 is the most technically advanced, most efficient, the largest of them all inside and out and also the most dynamic to drive. The official reveal at Cardiff, Bristol and Bath Audi on the 19th September 2018

The New Audi A6 Saloon

Sporty, elegant exterior and innovative interior.

With taut surfaces, sharp edges and striking lines, the A6 unmistakably conveys its character: sporty elegance, cutting-edge technology and unmistakeable sophistication.

The interior of the new A6 features a black-panel design – a cool look which expresses the technical capability and digital character of the business saloon. The sleek instrument panel and the calm, continuous horizontal body line create an airy sense of spaciousness.

As agile as a sports car, as manoeuvrable as a compact model.

Innovative solutions for the suspension makes the new A6noticebly sporty. Dynamic all-wheel steering brings agility and manoeuvrability. It combines direct, sporty steering response with unshakable stability.

All engines in the new A6 come with Audi’s new mild Hybrid technology, with a stop-start functionality that kicks in between 4.3 and 13.7 mph. In real-world driving, the MHEV technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 0.7 litres per 100 kilometres.

Intelligent technology. Smarter driving.

The new Audi A6 MMI touch response offers an extensive range of technology for superb safety and convenience: customisable placement of central vehicle functions in the MMI screen, drag-and-drop shortcuts and favourites buttons.

With haptic and acoustic feedback, users hear and feel a click as confirmation as soon as their fingers triggers a function. The driver manages the infotainment on the top display, while refined driver assistance systems set new standards in the luxury class, no matter the environment from crossing assistance to gentle steering intervention.

The New Audi A6 Avant

“The goal was a sporty, clean, progressive look,” said Helmut Jung (Head of exterior design). “It had to invoke the spirit of Quattro but also look timeless – we are in the business of creating cars that will look good in 10 years’ time, not just in this moment.”
Its size is 10mm longer, 20mm wider and 6mm taller. “This is a car that delivers on both fronts,” said Helmut Jung (Head of exterior design). “Usually such a dramatic line as the slope we have from the roof to the boot brings compromises but, because of the extended length of the car and some clever design work, we have exactly the same boot space as before.”

The engine line-up will mirror that of the saloon, with petrol or diesel V6s, all featuring 48-volt mild-hybrid tech and four-wheel drive. The 50 TDI will have a 282bhp 3.0-litre diesel, plus Audi UK is considering offering a 228bhp version of the same motor. The V6 petrol 55 TFSI will deliver 335bhp. All A6 Avant’s will have auto transmissions.

The suspension has also been improved to make it “as agile as a sports car, as manoeuvrable as a compact model”. There will be four suspension set-ups: steel springs, steel springs with adaptive shock absorbers, sports suspension and full air suspension. The four suspension options all work in a balance between driving and comfort and handling agility, with the option of dynamic all-wheel steering for ultimate dexterity on the road.

Technology within this model has been developed with the aim to not only enhance just the dynamics, but also to create ease of use, comfort, safety and general connectivity of the car.

The dash and centre console has a new stylish design, which includes three touchscreen screens. One that functions as the main instrument panel directly in front of the driver, plus two more touchscreens in the centre. The top screen controls infotainment and navigation and the lower screen is used for climate control, convenience functions and text input.

The embedded MMI touch upper 8.8inch and lower 8.6inch display give you control of all aspects of your environment, featuring natural voice language controls that replied to commands and questions and also provides a WIFI hotspot.

The new navigation includes a self- learning function based on driven routes, which generates intelligent search suggestions. For example, the system knows your daily route to work and will suggest another way if it knows there has been an accident. The navigation also uses vehicle-to-x technology with other Audis for traffic and hazard information.

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