Adaptations are a range of devices that can be fitted to your car, typically falling into three categories: to help you drive, to help you stow your wheelchair or scooter and to help you get in and out of your car. Today over 50,000 customers have adaptations fitted to their cars, to make their driving or travelling experience easier and more comfortable.

Many cars now have standard features such as automatic transmission, push button ignition, auto wipers, auto lights and parking sensors, all of which can help make driving or travelling easier. Speak to your Motability Scheme dealer about how these features could help improve your experience. You can find your nearest dealer by visiting our website at explain the basic functions of some of our most popular adaptations, and get you on the road to finding the right answers to your mobility needs. We’ll take you through each stage step-by-step, from getting the right advice, to ordering adaptations for your Motability car.

  • Driving Adaptations – To help improve your driving experience
  • Stowage Adaptations – To help stow your scooter or wheelchair
  • Access Adaptations – To help you get in and out of the car
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