Gender Pay Gap Report - 2018

Gender Pay Gap Report - 2018

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

From April 2017, all organisations that employ over 250 employees are required to report annually on their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is defined as the differences in average earnings of men and women over a standard time period, regardless of their role or seniority.

Mon Motors Limited operates within the motor industry retail sector. The Gender Pay Gap report is based on data as at April 2018, and at this date Mon Motors employed 725 staff with 544 (75%) being male and 181 (25%) being female.

Gender Pay Reporting

Our Gender Pay Statistics are as follows:

Mean Gender Pay Gap  20.4% 
Median Gender Pay Gap  19.1%
Mean Bonus Pay Gap 53.7%
Median Bonus Pay Gap 28.5%
Proportion of Males receiving a bonus  82.9%
Proportion of Females receiving a bonus  66.3%

The proportion of males/ females in each quartile pay band is as follows:

Key Findings

Our 2018 findings are broadly similar to those of 2017, with a slight reduction in the mean gender pay gap from 23.9% to 20.4%.

Our results however are very similar in comparison to other dealer groups results from 2017, with the average mean gender pay gap of 20.8%, a median gender pay gap of 16.9% (source )

The motor industry has historically predominately attracted males into the sector, the majority of roles held by females are administrative and clerical, this can be noted by the fact that 63% of the female workforce is represented in the lower middle and lower quartiles.

The upper quartile earning roles are held mainly by senior managers and sales roles with 35% of the females in this category working within the Sales environment.


Our objectives remain the same as last year and we anticipate that any significant results from these will only be evident in future years, they are as follows:

1. Deliver appropriate learning and development to ensure that a pipeline of suitably experienced and capable candidates are considered for senior and higher earning potential roles, with a focus on those in underrepresented groups.

2. To work in partnership with our Brands, local schools and colleges to ensure that the Motor Industry is represented as a career choice for young women, particularly within Sales and Workshop roles.


I confirm that the Mon Motors Group are committed to the principle of gender pay equality and has prepared its 2018 gender pay gap results in line with mandatory requirements.

Roger Moore

Group Finance & Commercial Director

March 2019

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