How could one car accessory make your summer trips a breeze?

How could one car accessory make your summer trips a breeze?

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more of us are staying here in the UK for our holidays this year.
And, as lockdown eases, more and more of us are taking summer days out to the seaside and the countryside.

As many people are still wary of using public transport, most of those trips are likely to be in our cars.
That could take a heavy toll on our car interiors as we bring in sea water, sand, and seaweed from the beach on our shoes and clothes, or mud and dirt from the countryside on our walking boots and hiking gear.

Then, if we’re taking the dogs along too, that could lead to an expensive valeting session!

However, there is one simple thing you can do to protect your car right through the summer: invest in rubber floor mats.

Why choose rubber car mats over cloth mats?

  • They withstand high levels of dirt
  • They are easy to clean as dirt just washes off
  • They tend to last longer than carpet floor mats
  • They give your car better protection in preventing corrosion in the footwells
  • They are useful if you often eat in your car
  • They give better protection from claws if you regularly transport animals
  • They preserve the look of your car which is useful when you come to sell it

How else can you prepare your car for your summer trips?
Many of us haven’t been using our vehicles much as we worked from home during lockdown.
So, going through a basic checklist to ensure your car is roadworthy before you set off on your trip is a good idea.
You should check:

  • Your oil and coolant levels – to ensure your engine runs smoothly even during hot weather
  • Your tyres – including the depth of the tread and the tyre pressure, which should be 10% to 15% higher if you’re driving with heavy loads
  • Your wheel alignment and balancing – this will help you reduce fuel consumption
  • For fuel, lubricant, or oil leaks under the car – this will alert you to any potential problems before you set off
  • Your brakes – make sure your discs and pads aren’t worn and your brake pedal has resistance when the engine is switched off
  • The air conditioner – driving with a broken AC is no fun in hot weather
  • Your spark plugs – if you’ve had them for a while, it may be worth replacing them to ensure your car will always start
  • Your headlights – replace broken bulbs, clean them, and make sure they work efficiently

It’s also worth ensuring that your breakdown club membership is up to date just in case something does go wrong.

So, when you’re looking for your new car, why not organise a little upgrade to rubber mats? Check out what we have on offer if you’re looking for a new or used car.

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