The Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron

Electric has gone Audi

The home of everything Audi e-tron. From design questions to servicing queries, find out all you need to know about the all-new e-tron below.

It's electric, but not as you know it.

With stunning, aerodynamic body and elegant, luxurious cabin, the Audi e-tron certainly has a unique presence. Driven entirely by two electric motors that produce up to 408PS of power harnessed by quattro all-wheel-drive, it heralds a new era. Not just for those seeking the benefits of electric mobility, but for everyone who demands the driving experience of an Audi.

Available to order now at our Bath, Bristol & Cardiff Audi Centres.

Electrifying design

It begins with a streamlined body that not only gives the Audi e-tron a dramatic appearance; flowing contours, aided by optional virtual wing mirrors, lend it exceptional aerodynamics that promote efficiency and an almost silent drive. And, while the octagonal grille clearly marks it as an Audi SUV, special e-tron details, such as a unique, ensures it stands apart.

Step inside and you’ll see that the e-tron’s modern, uncluttered design accentuates the cabin’s spaciousness. Unlike conventional models, there’s no centre tunnel that impedes space. Customisable virtual cockpit, discrete touch-screens with haptic feedback, voice-command controls and an unobtrusive centre console allow for a clear, expansive dashboard. Finished with first-class materials and with almost total noise insulation, the experience for up to 5 passengers is one of supreme comfort and luxury.

Powerful intelligence

As you may have already guessed the Audi e-tron is future facing, inside and out.

Electric power isn’t the only innovation you’ll find within the new Audi e-tron; it also has an array of advanced, intelligent features and options for extra comfort and confidence on every trip.

Beginning with pre-sense 360, the e-tron constantly monitors your surroundings and can initiate protective measures if needed. Pre-sense 360 warns you of objects out in front, even automatically applying the brakes when required. Whether it's a pedestrian stepping out, or a car stopping suddenly, Pre-sense will help to keep you safe. And it doesn't stop there, Rear cross traffic assist, crossing assist and turn assist all detect and help evade unexpected hazards you may not have noticed. Adaptive cruise assist keeps you a safe distance from vehicles in front. And efficiency assist monitors the route ahead to help preserve power. Just a few examples of the Audi e-tron’s extraordinary intelligence.

Cameras, not mirrors.

For the first time in an Audi production car, the Audi e-tron has the option of virtual wing mirrors.

They replace traditional glass mirrors with cameras that stream a view of what’s behind, onto displays mounted within the front doors. Far narrower than standard mirrors, they do not only reduce drag, but also help cut the already impressively low wind noise. What’s more, their view is fully adjustable. Focus can be zoomed and moved depending on driving conditions; the result is better all-round visibility and enhanced safety for car and passengers.

Fully charged performance

Charging ahead with a new way to drive. 

The thought of being miles from home and out of charge is a fear that many people have. However, with the Audi e-tron this is something that you don't need to worry about. Audi have provided a numberous amount of ways for you to charge your e-tron. From plugging in at the shops to recharging overnight, e-tron is designed to fit around your life. 

With the Audi e-tron, electric efficiency sacrifices nothing to performance; and electric motor at the front and one at the rear jointly produce 300kw of power, propelling this full-sized SUV from 0-62mph in less than 6 seconds. Unlike a combustion-powered vehicle, the acceleration response is almost instant, providing a thrilling sensation at launch. The e-tron goes the distance too, with a range of 248 miles* on a single charge under stringent test conditions. 

So, how does it charge?

Alternating current (AC) is the standard for UK plugs, which means it's accessible at home, work and at various public charging stations; it’s probably the method you’ll use most often. However, there is a faster way. Direct current (DC) is a higher voltage and can be found on motorways, at large retailers and even some work places.

Every e-tron comes with the Charging System Compact, capable of charging up to 11kW. The system consists of a control unit, there is a 4.5m Type 2 and two Mode 2 charging cables one with a 3-pin domestic plug and the other an industrial plug.

As well as AC and DC charging points on the driver’s door, there’s also an additional AC charging point on the passenger side. Charging can be monitored via the green flashing light on the charging access point or through the myAudi app.

What is home charging?

Like with your mobile phone, putting your e-tron on charge will become second nature. Experts forecast that 60% of charging will take place at home, meaning those who travel short distances may never need to use a public charging station, 30% at work and the remaining 10% at the aforementioned public charging station.

Also like a mobile phone, charging is quickest up to 20%. Once it passes 80% it slows to protect the battery’s longevity.

If an electric vehicle is going to be charged at home every night, it’s best to install a wall box with its own separate circuit which will enable a full night of uninterrupted current. Another benefit, by charging your vehicle overnight mean you’ll benefit from cheap night-time electricity rates. 

A word on wall boxes. 

The location of your home wall box will depend on the position of your home fuse or meter in some cases groundwork may be required. Most UK homes have single-phased power, which enables a 7kW wall box to be installed, while larger homes with three-phase power may be able to host a higher-powered 11kW or 22kW unit.
In some cases, installing a home wall box may not be possible. It’s important to check before placing an order for your e-tron. Some local authorities offer On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme (ORCS) which provides funding towards the cost of installing on-street charging points.

Our recommended supplier for installing a home wall box is Pod Point. They can advise if a home wall box can be installed in your home and talk you through your options before you place your e-tron order.

Why Pod Point?

Pod Point is one of the UK’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging. Their premium installation and customer experience is reflected in an average 4.8/5 customer satisfaction score.

If you’re not sure, they offer a free, no-obligation consultation. And, if you do go ahead, they have a 10-day turnaround and can even manage the OLEV home grant scheme on your behalf. An online order tracker will keep you updated every step of the way, too.

Packed full of benefits

Government grants and road tax exemption mean the numbers really add up for the Audi e-tron. 

The UK government is keen for people to take up electric driving and provide a number of incentives. One, called the Plug-In Car Grant, is worth £3,500. Please find further information here. 

Another is the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS), a grant of £500 towards the cost of installing selected higher-powered charging wall boxes at home. 

Some local authorities also offer the On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme (ORCS), which provides funding towards the cost of installing on-street charging points. 

And, cars like the Audi e-tron that are zero-emissions are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty, also known as road tax, in the first year.

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