The New Volkswagen e-up!

The New Volkswagen e-up!

The New e-up!

Electric Performance
The purely electric e-up! is powerful, sustainable, and lots of fun to drive.

We’ve designed the new e-up! to take you further than ever before. On a fully charge, the e-up! has a range of up to 162 miles (WLTP). That’s more than enough to get you from London to Brighton and back.

Using the e-manager’s time delayed charging option you decide when the e-up! starts powering up, even if you’ve already plugged it in. If you’d like to save on charging costs you can tell the e-up! to charge overnight during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper.

Instantly connect your Apple or Android smartphone to your e-up! using the maps+more dock for up-to-the-minute traffic up-dates, hands-free calls and navigation. Stream all your favourite songs and podcast via your phone through the Composition Phone radio system’s six loudspeakers.

The e-up! is a small car that’s big on looks.
The e-up! has plenty of personality thanks to its fresh exterior. Everything on the e-up! is designed to make an impression, from the striking C-signature LED lights framing the front grille to the 15-inch ‘blade’ alloy wheels. The e-up! is available in a range of vibrant colours.

The quality of the e-ups!’s interior becomes clear the moment you sit in the stylish seats featuring our ‘fusion’ design. We designed the interior to give you more space, with touches including a hook for your bag in the glove compartment and an extra luggage compartment in the floor of the car.

The e-up! comes with a full site of driving assistance systems.
The e-up! features a wide range of features as standard. Practical driving assistance features include Lane Assist, traffic sign reminder, front and side airbags, and seat occupant sensors in the rear seats that warn you if a passenger hasn’t put on their seatbelt.

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