What are the new car releases for 2020 – and when will we see them in garages?

What are the new car releases for 2020 – and when will we see them in garages?

Fresh hot hatches, electric cars, hybrids, and sports estates are all set to land on our garage forecourts this year, so we’re rounding up the new car releases for 2020.

Whether you’re looking to switch to eco-friendly transport, get yourself a supercar, or snap up the latest saloon for comfortable motorway driving, there are new options to suit everyone’s needs.

So sit back, check out our list of new car releases for 2020, and decide on your next car.


From sporty hatchbacks to new-look estates, Audi has a busy year of releases planned for 2020.

One of the most anticipated is the e-tron GT, set to arrive in garages late in the year.

This is a pure-electric sports coupé which is very different to the current plug-in e-tron SUVs. It has a powertrain which is developed from the Porsche Taycan, so expect some zippy performance.

The four-door concept car was debuted as a show car in the 2018 Auto Show and quickly became a star.

In the first quarter of the year, Audi is releasing its A3 Sportback hatchback, hot hatch, and coupé-SUV, A5 coupé with a facelift, A8 plug-in hybrid, RS Avant facelift for the sports estate, RS Q3 sports SUV and Sportback sports-coupé, and the e-tron 50 SUV.

It will also be releasing its R8 V10 RWD supercar, fulfilling its promise that it would be bringing back a more affordable flagship supercar which isn’t a Quattro. The model features a V10 which is 5.2-litre and naturally aspirated and does 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds.

Late this year, Audi’s e-tron electric compact SUV will also be on our forecourts.


Taking its inspiration from US muscle cars, the Mustang Mach-E leads the Ford charge in 2020.

This is a pure-electric SUV which will annoy the heck out of petrol-head purists but it is also likely to be a major hit with the driving public.

There is an estimated range of 370 miles between charges, making it the pure-electric car with the best range on the market at the moment.

Look out for a Tesla-inspired dashboard, too, when it arrives in late 2020.

Expect the Fiesta mild hybrid supermini and hatchback in April or May, the new Kuga SUV in May, and deliveries of the Puma compact SUV in June, with orders in March.


Kicking off the year with the release of its new electric city car in February, Seat is focusing on the small but perfectly-formed in 2020.

The Mii Electric has a 161-mile range between charges, a 100% electric motor, front sport seats, and stylish design. It will help you avoid congestion charges and will be a dream parking in the city.

The new Leon hatchback is expected in Spring/Summer, while the plug-in hybrid version will follow in the last quarter of the year.

The el-Born electric hatchback will also be released at the end of 2020.


Another electric city car option will be available from Skoda early this year – the Citigo-e iV.

The company says the new pre-electric car is agile, practical, and has a range of 162 miles between charges.

Alongside the new engine check out the completely new propulsion system. This car was developed alongside VW’s e-up! and Seat’s Mii, so the styling is similar in all three electric city cars.

A new Octavia saloon is also expected this summer, perfect for those looking for Skoda’s trademark combination of reliability, practicality, and comfort.


If you’re looking to switch your family car from petrol to electric, the new pure-electric ID.3 will be an excellent option from summer 2020.

The five-door hatchback has a battery pack option which means it can be driven up to 340 miles between charges, the company says.

That makes the ID.3 a practical option for longer trips and commuting.

However, there is also much anticipation for the release of the new Golf hatchback in February, followed by the GTE hatchback in the middle of the year and GTI hot hatch in late 2020. There will also be a Golf GTI TCR hot hatch and Golf R hot hatch released late in the year.

The e-up! electric city car has also had a facelift and is in garages this month alongside the latest up! GTI hatchback and the new convertible SUV T-ROC cabriolet will be available in February.

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