Why now’s the right time to upgrade your van to a Ford Transit plug-in hybrid

Why now’s the right time to upgrade your van to a Ford Transit plug-in hybrid

Are you considering upgrading your van to a plug-in? Look no further than the superb Ford Transit plug-in hybrid.

We surprised our marketing specialist Bronwen Davies and asked to take her first ever drive in a Transit to try it out.

She found it to be “an absolutely phenomenal van which is suitable for everyone”.

Bronwen said: “I’m not going to lie I was extremely nervous about this as I had never driven a Transit van before, but I found there was little difference with car driving.”

Bronwen said she found that driving the Transit Custom plug-in hybrid more comfortable than driving a car with a higher driving position which gave her better visibility.

“It’s really responsive,” she added.

“It has everything you need. The Synch 3 which controls your phone, music, and navigation, gives you an effortless driving experience.

“You can control it by voice command, the eight-inch touch screen, or by the dashboard controls.

It gives you live traffic updates and you can say ‘I’m hungry’ and it will give you nearby restaurants.

“There are a host of safety features, too, including collision assist, roll stability control, and trailer sway control.”

The Custom comes with sharp front design with LED headlights, rear view camera and rear parking sensors, rear doors which lock open, a no bounce back sliding side door which locks into position, alloy wheels, and a load space of 6 cubic metres for the shorter wheel base and 6.8 cubic metres for the longer wheel base.

Our Ford Transit plug-in hybrid offer

Our Newport Ford Transit Centre has an amazing offer at the moment.

You can upgrade your current van with 0% APR and no payments for three months. You may also be eligible for a £1,000 upgrade saving if you have owned your current van for four months or more and it is at least four years old.

This offer is available until September 30th.

See more here.

Why you should upgrade to a plug-in hybrid

  • Plug-in hybrid vans are cheaper to run than diesel-only alternatives - the cost per mile of electricity is lower than diesel.
  • You can reduce your overall CO2 emissions. Tailpipe emissions are cut, helping air quality in towns and cities.
  • They’re easy to drive and feel nippy around towns because the electrical plug-in element gives you instant torque.
  • You don’t have anxiety about the length of drive after a charge because you also have the hybrid element. So, your van can travel long distances.

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