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All-in from Audi

Covering 2 Services, 2 MOTs, 2 years' Roadside Assistance and 2 years' Warranty

Life's better when you go All-in.

Enjoy even greater peace of mind with the reassurance of All-in from Audi. A 24-month plan that includes Warranty, MOTs, servicing, and Roadside Assistance supported by the AA. All-in from Audi offers an average saving of £1,220 over 2 years compared to buying these products separetely, and what's more, you can pay in one upfront payment or easy monthly instalments. All-in from Audi is available for vehicles 3-6 years old with engines 2.0l and under, and mileage under 100,000 at point of activation.

To take advantage of All-in from Audi, you need to book your vehicle inital inspection. At your appointment our trained technicians will ensure your vehicle has been well maintained and meets the criteria of the Warranty and Roadside Assistance, before offering to activate your All-in cover. To book your inital inspection contact your nearest mon motors audi centre.

All-in from Audi

Upfront Cost Monthly Cost (24 Months)
Audi's 2.0L & Under £784.98 £32.71

For Audi cars aged from 3 to 6 years old with an engine size of 2.0l and under, and mileage under 100,000 at point of activation.

  • Includes: S models 2.0l and under

Excludes: Cars with engine size over 2.0, Electric Cars.

Price and savings breakdown

Pay as you go RRP All-in from Audi
1x Oil Service £200.00 Included
1x Oil and Inspection Service with Pollen Filter £325.00 Included
2x MOTs £99.98 Included
2 years' Roadside Assistance £160,00 Included
2 years' Warranty £1220.00 Included
Total Cost £2004.98 £784.98 upfront or 24 x £32.71 monthly payments
Savings £1220.00
All in from Audi includes

Two Services

Servicing in line with the manufactur's recommended service schedule:

1x Oil Service: *Vehicle health check

1x Oil and Inspection Service with Pollen Filter: *Full vehicle inspection and report to include all lights, insturments, glass, braking system etc.

*Full vehicle road test

*Vehicle health check

* Pollen filter change

Please note that any parts identified as requiring replacement are not covered as part of the services.

Two years' Warranty

The Warranty has been designed to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the covered compoenets that have suffered a sudden electrical or mechanical failure during the period of cover.

Two MOT Tests

Vehicles 3 years older are required by law to have an MOT test carried out every year. This is to ensure that the vehicle meets the minium road safety standards. Any repair work required as a result of an MOT Failure is excluded.

Two year's Audi Roadside Assistance

You are covered by the AA to give you the support of qualified, dedicated technicians. Thanks to this extensive network, we're ready to get you back on the road - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Inital Inspection

We will check your Audi meets the requirements of the warranty and roadside assistance during a visit to a participating centre. Upon passing the inital inspection, the Centre will activate your 'All-in from Audi' plan. Contact your nearest MonMotors audi centre to discuss and book your inspection.

Important to know

Policy activation is subject to a successful inital inspection being carried out. This is to ensure your Audi is well maintained and meets the requirements of the warranty and roadside assistance.

Important information

1 Valid for vehicles aged 3 to 6 years, with a 2.0L engine or less and under 100,000 miles at activation. Terms, eligibility criteria and exclusions apply. Subject to vehicle initial inspection. Services, MOT and any warranty repairs must be undertaken within the duration of the plan. Excludes electric vehicles. Audi Financial Services. 

2 Saving based on the average 2-year cost of the extended warranty policies for Audi vehicles with a £0 excess where there has been no break in warranty as of June 2020. Actual saving will be dependent on your vehicle. 

3 Price based on Audi UK National Servicing and MOT Price for A1, A2, A3, A3 e-tron, Q2, Q3 models aged 3 years and older with an engine size of 2.0 litre and under.

4.Excludes any vehicles with an active service plan, extented warranty or MOT protection with Volkswagen Financial Services trading as Audi Financial servies.

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