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Brake Fluid Change

Your car is designed for the minimum of maintenance but it is really important to have certain jobs carried out at the recommended intervals, in addition to regular servicing. These jobs are in effect preventative maintenance to keep you safe or save you from bigger bills down the line. Your SEAT dealer will always provide a fixed price quote and advice of when the job needs doing, ensuring you can be sure of safe and carefree driving. 

Repair  Cost including VAT
Brake Fluid Change  £49

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Benefits of having my brake fluid changed:

1. Peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to stop effectively
2. Prevents contamination that could lead to a more expensive repair.

Why does my brake fluid need to be changed?

Brake fluid must withstand operating temperatures of up 230 °C but over time absorbs water which boils at 100c. As the water boils, it turns to compressible vapour which means you won’t be able to brake as efficiently.

What happens if it’s not changed?

If too much moisture builds up, the brake fluid can boil while you’re braking, seriously affecting performance. It can cause the brakes to fail. A spongy feel to the brake pedal shows you this has started to happen.

What do we do?

We check the level and look for leaks. We drain the system and fill it with new brake fluid. We test the system and record it in your service book.

We’re on hand to help. Just click here to contact us or call us on 01633 730744

Terms and Conditions

*Prices are maximum retail prices and are available to retail customers only at participating SEAT Dealers. Fixed price servicing and maintenance applies to SEAT cars over 2 to 15 years old. SEAT fixed price service plans for SEAT cars new to 8 years old on a time and distance servicing regime only. All prices (where applicable) inclusive of parts, oil, labour and VAT and come with two year parts warranty (excludes wear and tear items), cambelt kit comes with a five year warranty. This offer is valid until 31 December 2019 and, unless stated otherwise, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Exclusions: CUPRA Models.

Terms and conditions apply. 

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