My Volkswagen App

Owning a car just got easier. 

Get information about your car directly to your smartphone. Download the FREE app today:

The My Volkswagen app from Volkswagen helps you to manage the ownership of your Volkswagen, the maintenance of your car and is designed for passengers cars only. 

Services include:

  • Save and store car configurations
  • Access personalised car brouchers
  • Track new cars from factory to a Volkswagen UK retailer
  • Book and service and MOT at a Volkswagen UK retailer
  • Approve work on the go through online video reviews
  • Get reminders of car maintenance due
  • Access your car manual
  • View your car service history

The My Volkswagen app sets out to offer to Volkswagen customers a personalised and enhanced user experience.

The ability for a user to access real time, actionable information about the status of their car relies on using some personal information such as surname, address etc. The My Volkswagen app is compliant to all existing security standards and data privacy rules and regulations.

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