SEAT Servicing, Newport

Because We’ve Been There From The Beginning
The only people who know your car from the smallest screw to the exterior body work is the people who made it…us. Our SEAT Service professionals have been there from the beginning and they know your car inside and out, so who better to trust to take care of your car than the people who have invested so much in its creation.

  • Have a SEAT servicing question? Call our team on 01633 730742

There When You Need It
Have you found yourself in the situation where you need another ride to get where you were going? SEAT will provide you with a brand new vehicle of your choice; a courtesy car from a wide range of SEAT models so you can keep on driving to your destination.

Your Car, Exactly The Way It Was
If the unfortunate time comes when your car suffers major damage, let us work our magic. Our SEAT experts specialize in accident car repair & restoration and will work to bring your car back to life in perfect conditions. Just the way you remember it; exactly the way it was.

Better For Your SEAT. Better For You.
If your SEAT is already two years old, you have at your disposal our express service; a workshop that specialises in dealing with basic car servicing & repairs. Get things done the “express” way. Fast, reliable and available whenever you need it.

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