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Volkswagen Motability keeps you moving.

Having a car can give you extra freedom and independence and with Volkswagen Motability you also get freedom of choice. We want you to be able to choose the Volkswagen car that suits the way you live your life. So, we’ve made sure that you have a wide range of cars to choose from, together with some fantastic offers on advance payments.

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Here are the latest Volkswagen Touran Motability offers, which are available from £549 Advance Payment:

S TDI SCR 1.6 6 speed manual 115PS £549
S TDI SCR 1.6 7 speed automatic DSG 115PS £1,049
SE TDI SCR 2.0 6 speed manual 150PS £1,149
SE TDI SCR 2.0 7 speed automatic DSG 150PS  £1,449
SE FAMILY TDI SCR 1.6 6 speed manual 115PS  £1,349
SE FAMILY TDI SCR 2.0 7 speed automatic DSG 150PS  £1,799
SEL TSI EVO 1.5 6 speed manual 150PS £1,199
SEL TDI SCR 2.0 7 speed automatic DSG 150PS £1,449

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